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Gateway Agility Club of Suburban St Louis
Agility Trials

January 7-9, 2022
Open to Mixed Breeds with AKC listing numbers



Print out completed entry forms or enter online at  LabTestedOnline.com


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Revised - Judge/Entry Method/Limit/Class/COVID change
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REVISED Entry form
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Event #'s 2022530001, 2022530002, 2022530003

Purina Event Center

300 Checkerboard Loop
Gray Summit, MO  63039

Friday Saturday Sunday
All Standard and JWW classes
Premier STD and JWW
All Standard, JWW and FAST classes
All Standard and JWW classes
Time 2 Beat
Limit (runs) 700 700 700
Judges STD: Ross Johnson
JWW: David Hirsch
STD: David Hirsch
JWW: Ross Johnson
M/X FAST: Ross Johnson
O/N FAST: David Hirsch
STD: Ross Johnson
JWW: David Hirsch
T2B: David Hirsch

Facility: 2 rings    Indoors on soccer turf

Method of Acceptance: FIRST RECEIVED

Fees: $19 (JH $13) for 1st entry per dog per day, $19 (JH $13) for 2nd entry per dog per day; $15 (JH $10) for the third entry per dog per day

Opened: Monday, 11/8/21 8:00 am CST      Closes: Wednesday, 12/22/21 6:00 pm CST

NOTE:  Final confirmations will be sent by email if you include an email address with your entry.  Confirmation information, judging schedule and directions will be on this website.