Lab Tested Secretary Services

AKC Annually Licensed Agility Trial Secretary

Email Information

Lab Tested Secretary Services accepts email entries with payment by credit card for all events except AKC agility.   MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted.

Entries must be on official AKC entry forms, filled in completely, signed, and include the Agreement.
Email entries are accepted until closing date/time.
A 8% service fee is added to the total entry fees to handle credit card processing fees.
If the credit card charge is declined, the entry will not be accepted.
Lab Tested Secretary Services cannot process emailed entries that are incomplete or illegible.
Charge will appear on your credit card as "Lab Tested Online"


AKC Agility Trials: AKC Agility trials can be entered online through Lab Tested Online


Fill out the entry form as usual.
Total all entry fees.
Add an additional 8% to your entry fee total.   This sum is the total that will be charged to your credit card.
Email the cover sheet with credit card information and your entries to Lab Tested Secretary Services.

Email: carolyn.johnson@labtestedsecretary.com

Credit Card Cover Sheet

By submitting your entry by email, you agree to pay the entry fees (plus the 8% service fee) to Lab Tested Secretary Services as payment for your entry to the event.   Entries will not be considered valid if the credit card charges are declined.